Dueacca is a new way to perceive and use the “tap” which promotes a re-definition of the object itself, its function and employment. Dueacca offers a new level of interaction with water: a 316 stainless steel cube which defines the innovation and modularity of a system developed to provide a smart and flexible answer to outdoor and indoor needs. Dueacca is also a small and extremely well-finished eco-friendly tap: it is made with limited amount of raw materials and it optimises productions costs.


    Make your choice, set it up, that’s easy!

    In order to set up its various configurations, Dueacca features a wide range of stainless steel accessories: shower-head connectors, shelves, hose holders, shower columns, free-standing fountains and an outdoor clip. Dueacca makes it easy to create a watering supply-point wherever you need it, whenever you need it.

    Connect the hose to Dueacca mixer, fix the elements of your configurations and that’s all!


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