For wash basins

Kit 1

Wall Mounted Mixer 

The ultimate expression of elegance, design and beauty; this wall mounted mixer is an innovative little jewel that will transform your bathroom sink forever. Kit includes a satin stainless steel mixer and a wall mounted wide shelf.


Kit 2

Wall mounted mixer with slim support

The satin stainless steel mixer is a small innovative jewel capable of transforming your washbasin. The kit includes a wall mounted slim shelf with support for the mixer. A Simple design with a great personality.


Kit 3

Wall and deck mounted mixer

Can 45mm transform a room? The answer is yes. Here, the stainless steel mixer is wall and deck mounted. The kit includes the large shelf with support for the mixer.


Kit 4

Deck mounted mixer

Simplicity applied to the washbasin. The stainless steel mixer is also available in the deck mounted version. The kit includes the shelf with support for the mixer and a wooden soap dish which add an extra touch of style.


Kit 5

Wall and deck mounted bidet mixer

The innovative beauty of Dueacca applied to an entire bathroom suite. This kit includes a stainless steel mixer and a small shelf especially designed for the bidet with the support for the mixer.



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